Metal Expansion Joint

We specialise in Flexible Piping Systems. We have implemented an ISO-9001 certified design, production, and testing facility equipped with the newest technology to deliver the highest quality pipe expansion joints, and our bellows are developed strictly according to EJMA 2009 design criteria.

We provide a diverse selection of flexible metal bellow expansion joints to a wide range of industries and applications. Freture believes that our strong belief in client input, together with our unwavering devotion to the highest possible product quality standards, contributes to the success of our metallic bellows expansion joints.

Behind this accomplishment is a devoted team of engineers and visionaries with experience in all types of expansion metal bellows. Our team has considerable experience designing, constructing, and manufacturing expansion bellows for pipes, axial and lateral compensators, hoses, and non-metallic expansion joints such as fabric bellow and rubber expansion joints. As a result, unique application demands have never been and will never be a problem for Freture.

We offer bellow compensator, also known as a metal bellow expansion joint, for a wide range of applications, including Expansion joint in heat exchangers that acts as a thermal compensator, Valve bellows for bellow seal gate valve or bellow seal globe valve that is used for sealing applications, and so on. We also offer a variety of Metallic Bellow Coupling with zero backlash and high torsional rigidity for torque transmission applications. Our customers have praised the precision of our bending beam bellow load cell, which is utilised for weighing applications.

Our commitment to quality of expansion joint, pipe expansion and metal bellows starts at the quotation stage. The products are produced using software designed by our skilled engineers using extensive field research and then tested in our in-house testing facilities before delivery. To reduce human based errors majority share of our work, right from costing to bellow design and calculations have been automated which are developed and maintained in-house by our engineers.

As the leading producer of metal bellow expansion joints in Pune, Maharashtra, it is our responsibility to maintain a brand name that is synonymous with quality, cutting-edge technology, and customer satisfaction. You may be confident that all of your flexible piping requirements will be satisfied by the finest goods from Freture, one of India's leading manufacturers of metal bellows.

SS bellow expansion joint configurations are a novel alternative for the pipe and pipeline industries. These sorts of joints are easily applicable to the crude oil and gas, paper and pulp, sugar plant, chemical plant, power sector, and petrochemical sectors, amongst other fields. A stainless steel single bellows axial expansion joint is most commonly used to absorb axial motions of a straight pipe between primary anchors. To ensure good alignment and movement, this SS axial expansion joint should be installed near one anchor and guides should be used.

Metal expansion joints are useful components in a pipeline system. We offer bellow expansion joints in a range of materials, including the Austenite series. SS 300 Series (SS304L, SS316L, SS321, and so on) to special alloys such as Inconel, Hastelloy, Monel, and so on. Pipeline expansion bellows are used to adjust for length changes caused by temperature changes in the pipeline. Furthermore, they can detect and absorb vibrations produced by pumps, motors, compressors, or wind turbines. Axial and/or lateral pass movement, as well as angular movement, can be corrected depending on the situation. Metal expansion joints are a low-cost option for pipeline systems.

Our in-house developed Human Machine Interface (HMI) integrated Punch forming aka Mechanical Expander and Hydroforming Machine is the cause for the highest quality metallic bellow expansion joints produced by Freture. We designed these machines to perfectly control practically all variables. That is why we can work together to create small Hydro-Formed metal bellows for valve applications. We also offer metallic and non-metallic Hydro-Formed pressure switches for instrumentation applications. Metal bellows are commonly used in pipeline systems that connect pumps and vessels. The convolutions in the metal bellow's construction allow for greater axial, extended, and angular movement. We are capable of producing metal bellow expansion joints with high fatigue life and strong resilience due to the incorporation of cutting-edge technology and skilled engineers.


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  • Are pressure Metal Expansion Joints safe?

    Metal Expansion Joints are extremely safe. They’re also very easy to install. At Freture Techno, we help you customise the specifications based on your needs. We also help with installation and after-sales service, which makes trusting Freture Techno and bellow couplings that much more easier for you.

  • Do I really need Metal Expansion Joints?

    If you are in one of the following industries, Metal Expansion Joints will enhance your productivity.

    • Shipping industry
    • Electric industry
    • Manufacturing industry
    • AC and Fridge manufacturing industry
    • Chemical and nuclear industry

    If you’re from another industry looking for more details about how you can benefit from using a Metal Expansion Joints, please get in touch with us here for further discussion.

  • How do I know which valve is ideal for me?

    Get in touch with us here and an expert from Freture Techno will help you decide.

  • Why is Freture Techno the best place to buy Metal Expansion Joints bellow from?

    Most of the time our clients are local hence we are easily accessible

    Our products are manufactured & Tested as per international Std. & we offered only best quality product

    We will keep stock of Std. Product for last minute urgency

    We provide products only from reputed & highly reliable manufactured

    We have an experienced technical team who will be able to understand client’s exact requirements & accordingly we will offer solutions

Industries where Metal Expansion Joint is Used

Chemical and Nuclear Plant
Ships and boilers

Applications of Metal Expansion Joint

  • Joint Absorb thermal expansion
  • Reduce vibrations in piping systems

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