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Manage and distribute air supply efficiently with our air headers. Designed for precision and reliability in industrial applications, our air headers ensure consistent air pressure regulation across multiple points, optimizing performance and enhancing operational safety.

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  • What is an Air Header?

    An Air Header is a piping system used in industrial applications to distribute compressed air to various pneumatic devices or instruments.

  • What is the purpose of an Air Header?

    The primary purpose of an air header is to provide a centralized and organized distribution system for compressed air, ensuring consistent pressure and flow to pneumatic instruments and devices throughout a facility or process.

  • How does an Air Header work?

    An Air Header typically consists of a main pipe with multiple branches connected to individual outlets. Compressed air is supplied to the header from a central compressor or air supply system and then distributed through the branches to the various pneumatic devices or instruments.

  • What are the components of an Air Header system?

    An Air Header system typically includes the main header pipe, branch pipes, isolation valves, pressure regulators, filters, and pressure gauges. These components work together to control and regulate the flow of compressed air to the pneumatic instruments or devices connected to the header.

Chemical Manufacturing
Oil & Gas Refineries
Boiler / Reactor Manufacturing
EPC Contractor company
Local Traders

Applications of Air Header

  • Petrochemical industries
  • Plastic processing
  • Chemical industries
  • Power generation
  • Refineries and so on.

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