Butterfly Valve Manufacturer in Mumbai, India

A butterfly valve is from a family of valves called quarter-turn valves.

Freture Techno Pvt. Ltd. stands out as a premier butterfly valve manufacturer in Mumbai, India renowned for their exceptional design and production of high-quality butterfly valves catering to diverse industrial needs. Utilizing top-grade materials, their valves guarantee superior performance and reliability. Customized solutions are a forte, aligning with specific customer requisites. With offerings in varying sizes, materials, and designs, Freture Techno accommodates a wide array of applications, coupled with outstanding customer service and technical support, ensuring utmost satisfaction.

Standing at the forefront among the best butterfly valve manufacturers in Mumbai, India Freture Techno Pvt. Ltd. excels in delivering a comprehensive range of butterfly valves in different sizes and types, finely crafted for distinct industrial applications. Leveraging advanced technology and superior materials, they present butterfly valves of exceptional durability and reliability, available in both manual and automated versions. The company also offers bespoke butterfly valves tailored to clients' specifications. Their butterfly valves find extensive use in industries such as water supply, petrochemicals, oil & gas, food & beverages, and more.

Freture Techno Pvt. Ltd. holds a prominent position as one of the leading providers of top-tier butterfly valve manufacturing in Mumbai, India. Their extensive lineup includes standard, high-performance, and tailor-made butterfly valves, each meticulously designed to meet the highest quality standards. Crafted with precision and tested for consistent performance and reliability, these valves find applications in diverse industrial settings, both on-site and off-site. Complementing their valve range, they offer a variety of accessories and spare parts to enhance performance and prolong the valves' lifespan. Technical guidance and support further ensure optimal and cost-effective utilization of their products.

Earning a solid reputation as a top butterfly valve manufacturer in Mumbai, Freture Techno Pvt. Ltd. has built trust and loyalty over many years by delivering high-quality products such as Concentric Design Butterfly Valve, Single Offset Butterfly Valve, Double Offset Butterfly Valve and Lined Butterfly Valve. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, they are committed to offering premium products at competitive market prices. Employing cutting-edge technology and materials, their butterfly valves adhere to the industry's highest standards, emphasizing superior performance, reliability, and longevity. The product range encompasses Wafer Type Butterfly Valves, Lug Type Butterfly Valves, High-Performance Butterfly Valves, and more, available in various sizes and materials. All products undergo rigorous testing and certification, and customization options ensure a precise fit for specific requirements.

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  • What is a butterfly valve?

    A butterfly valve is a type of quarter-turn valve that uses a disc or plate, known as a butterfly, to control the flow of fluid within a pipeline. The disc is positioned perpendicular to the flow in the closed position and rotates 90 degrees to allow full flow in the open position.

  • Are Butterfly Valves safe?

    Butterfly Valves are one of the safest valves to use. It works very well in high temperature and high-pressure services, making it safe for all types of use. At Freture, all our valves are manufactured as per international standards. Are 100% leak-proof and emission free. Saves down-time and process media. Maintenance free. Easy to install and remove.

  • How Do Butterfly Valves Work?

    When the disc is in the open position, it allows fluid to flow through the valve. When the disc is in the closed position, it blocks the flow of fluid. The disc is typically rotated by a handwheel or a pneumatic or electric actuator

  • Do I really need a Butterfly Valve for my factory?

    If you are in one of the following industries, a Butterfly Valve will definitely help you improve the efficiency and safety.

    • Chemical Manufacturing
    • Oil & Gas Refineries
    • Boiler / Reactor Manufacturing
    • EPC Contractor company
    • Local Traders

    If you’re from another industry looking for more details about how you can benefit from using a Butterfly Valve, please get in touch with us here for further discussion.

  • How do I know which type of Butterfly Valve is ideal for me?

    Get in touch with us here and an expert from Freture Techno will help you decide.

  • Why is Freture the best place to buy Butterfly Valves from?

    Most of the time our clients are local hence we are easily accessible

    Our products are manufactured & Tested as per international Std. & we offered only best quality product

    We will keep stock of Std. Product for last minute urgency

    We provide products only from reputed & highly reliable manufactured

    We have an experienced technical team who will be able to understand client’s exact requirements & accordingly we will offer solutions

  • What are the advantages of Butterfly Valves?

    There are three main types of butterfly valves:

    • Wafer butterfly valves: These valves have a wafer-like body that fits between two flanges, allowing them to be installed in pipelines without additional support.
    • Lug butterfly valves: Lug butterfly valves have threaded inserts on both sides of the valve body, enabling them to be bolted onto the pipeline.
    • Double-flanged butterfly valves: These valves have flanges on both ends of the body, allowing them to be connected directly between pipe flanges.
  • Can Butterfly Valves be used in both liquid and gas applications?

    Yes, Butterfly Valves can be used in both liquid and gas applications. The selection of materials and proper sizing of the valve should be based on the specific characteristics of the fluid or gas being controlled.

  • What maintenance is required for Butterfly valves?

    Regular maintenance for Butterfly Valves includes inspection, lubrication, and periodic testing of the valve components. This helps ensure proper functioning, prevent leakage, and extend the valve's lifespan. Maintenance requirements may vary based on the specific valve design, materials used, and the operating conditions.

Industries where Butterfly Valve is Used

Chemical Manufacturing
Oil & Gas Refineries
Boiler / Reactor Manufacturing
EPC Contractor company
Local Traders

Applications of Butterfly Valve

  • Fluid services
  • Slurry applications
  • Liquids, steam, cryogenics, cooling water air, gases, fire-fighting, vacuum services
  • Works week in high-pressure and high-temperature services

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