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Lined Valves are the best type of valves to improve efficiency, speed up processes and save costs.

A Lined Valve is a type of a ball valve which has a lining on the inner surface. The lining is what makes it unique and efficient.

A Lined Valve is also known as a shut-off valve. It gets its name from the feature which enables auto shut-off when a certain pressure range is reached. This is, primarily, a function to prevent leakage and combustion and explosions.

A Lined Valve is made of a body, stem, ball, seat and lining. The lining makes it the right choice for chemical industries since the lining is non-reactive and highly resistant to chemicals.

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  • What is a Lined Valve?

    A lined valve is a type of industrial valve with a protective lining on the inside to prevent corrosion and erosion of the valve's internal components. This lining is typically made of materials like PTFE, PFA, FEP, or PVDF.

  • Why is a Lined Valve used?

    Lined valves are used in industries where corrosive or abrasive fluids are present. The lining protects the valve from chemical attack and wear, ensuring longer service life and reliable performance.

  • What are the common lining materials for Lined Valves?

    The most common lining materials are PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy), FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene), and PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride). The choice of lining material depends on the specific application and the type of fluid being handled.

  • What industries use Lined Valves?

    Lined valves find applications in a wide range of industries, including chemical processing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, water treatment, food and beverage, power generation, and more.

  • What types of Lined Valves are available?

    There are several types of lined valves, including ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, globe valves, and check valves, each designed for specific flow control needs.

  • Are Lined Valves suitable for high-temperature applications?

    Yes, some lined valves are designed to handle high-temperature fluids. The choice of lining material and valve design plays a crucial role in determining the maximum temperature capability.

  • Do Lined Valves require special maintenance?

    Lined valves generally require minimal maintenance. However, regular inspections and cleaning may be necessary to ensure continued performance and prevent buildup on the lining.

  • Can Lined Valves handle abrasive fluids?

    Lined valves are effective in handling abrasive fluids to some extent, but the selection of the lining material should be carefully considered based on the abrasiveness of the media.

  • Can Lined Valves be customized for specific applications?

    Yes, Freture Techno offers customization options for lined valves, allowing customers to select the lining material, valve type, size, and other specifications tailored to their unique requirements.

  • Are Line Valves safe?

    Line Valves are safe and reliable. They’re extremely easy to open and shut. They require no to very minimum maintenance. These properties make line valves extremely safe to use and install.

  • Do I really need a Line Valve for my factory?

    If you are in one of the following industries, a Line Valve will definitely help you improve the efficiency and safety.

    • Oil & Gas
    • Petrochemical
    • Power generation
    • Chemical processing
    • Refineries

    If you’re from another industry looking for more details about how you can benefit from using a Line Valve, please get in touch with us here for further discussion.

  • How do I know which type of Line Valve is ideal for me?

    Get in touch with us here and an expert from Freture Techno will help you decide.

  • Why is Freture the best place to buy Line Valves from?

    Most of the time our clients are local hence we are easily accessible

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Industries where Line Valve is Used

Oil & Gas
Power generation
Chemical processing

Applications of Line Valve

  • Manage pressure and compression
  • Block and release compresses air
  • Manage easy flow of medium within the system

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